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Is Podmaxx a replacement for iTunes?

Podmaxx Frequently Asked Questions

Podmaxx is a utility that allows users to Transfer songs from their iPod to their PC and/or iTunes. It does not replace iTunes, but works in conjunction with the iTunes API, allowing the user to fully control the contents of their music beyond the limits of iTunes alone. Users are also able to sync email, contacts, calendar and notes via other programs such as Outlook.

What iPod models does Podmaxx support?

Podmaxx Frequently Asked Questions

Podmaxx offers full functionality on all 3G and 4G iPod, iPod mini, iPod photo, and iPod nano.
Podmaxx also works with 1G and 2G full size iPods, but any text information “news, weather, etc.” is stored in the Contacts area of the iPod, because these earlier versions did not have a Notes area.
Podmaxx offers limited functionality with the iPod Shuffle. You can use Podmaxx’ Song features (transfer music from iPod back to your PC, create listings of the music on your iPod, update your play counts in iTunes), and Backup feature (save files from your PC to your Shuffle), and Podcast management. Most of the other features require a screen to view on your iPod. Since the Shuffle has no screen, the other features are unusable.

Why won’t Podmaxx detect my iPod?

Podmaxx Frequently Asked Questions

If Podmaxx isn’t detecting your iPod it is most likely because iTunes is running in the background. Turn off iTunes, and make sure the iTunes auto-run feature is disabled.

Will Podmaxx work on Mac OS X?

Podmaxx Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately Podmaxx will not work on Mac OS X. It will only work on Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000 in both 32 and 64-bit editions.

The application has stopped working (crash)

Podmaxx GeneralHelp Articles

While waiting for your device to be detected Podmaxx will close with the error, “the application has stopped working.” This is caused by changes in the most recent version of Quicktime 7.7 causing a conflict with Podmaxx. Please uninstall Quicktime 7.7 from your PC and install an older version such as 7.6 available from Apple:

Apple TV Mpeg-4 Specs

Podmaxx Help ArticlesVideo Conversion

According to Apple TV’s tech specs, Apple TV MPEG-4 use videos with different limits based on the encoder used.
While MPEG-4 file can be up to 3 Mbps using the Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps (maximum resolution: 720 by 432 pixels at 30 fps). You can manually set this in the advanced settings in 123 Copy DVD.

Error code 100 & 200

123 Copy DVD123 Copy DVD Gold123 Copy DVD PlatinumPodmaxx Activation IssuesHelp Articles

Error code 100 and 200 indicates that the Password does not match the License ID being used. If you are receiving this error please make sure that you are typing in your License ID and Password correctly. If you are still having trouble, please contact technical support.

Error code 69 or 5010

123 Copy DVD123 Copy DVD Gold123 Copy DVD PlatinumPodmaxx Activation IssuesHelp Articles

Error code 69 or 5010 indicates that the License ID and Password being used does not match with the software being installed. Please make sure you are activating the correct version of your software for your license ID. If you are unsure please contact technical support and they will provide you with the correct information.

Error code 7 or 5013

123 Copy DVD123 Copy DVD Gold123 Copy DVD PlatinumPodmaxx Activation IssuesHelp Articles

Error code 7 or 5013 indicates that you have used up all three of your License ID and Password activations. If this happens please notify technical support and they will review your account to see if you are eligible for a renewal.

Error codes 2, 8, 4, 11, 101, or 13

123 Copy DVD123 Copy DVD Gold123 Copy DVD PlatinumPodmaxx Activation IssuesHelp Articles

The error codes 2, 4, 8, 11, 13, or 101 indicate that the online activation application cannot get past your NAT router or Firewall. You will need to disable your firewall temporarily to activate online.

If you have Windows Vista or 7 there is also a Windows program called Windows Defender and it can cause this issue. Please open Windows Defender and go to Tools and then Options. Here you will find a lot of configuration options. On the left you will find a section called Administrator. Uncheck ‘Use this program’ and press the Save button – you will receive a notification saying that ‘Windows Defender is turned off’ and you can exit Windows Defender. Please try activating again after doing this.

If you cannot disable your firewall and disabling Windows Defender did not help I suggest that you try the “Manual Activation” option. Once the steps have been followed, you will be able to activate the program without using the online activation feature.

In order to activate your copy of 123CopyDVD you do not need direct access to the internet, however you will need access to the internet on a different computer. To start with, begin on the computer with access to the internet.

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