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Download Web Videos (Mac)

123 Copy DVD Gold (Mac) Help Articles

To download the web videos, visit the video website and play a clip in your browser. Then you will see the buffering videos in the Media Browser. Click the Download button that appears when buffering is finished. The videos will be downloaded.

Note: Do not close the webpage of the playing videos while downloading. Otherwise the downloading process will fail.
Click the History button and you can find the downloaded videos on your computer.
Tip: Click 123 Copy DVD Gold > Preferences on the top menu bar. In the Download tab, you can choose the location of the downloaded videos in the Download video to option.

Output settings (Mac)

123 Copy DVD Gold (Mac) Help Articles

To set the output format of your files click the Output format button.
In the Format tab, you can select an output format in the Format drop down list.
Tip: You can click Options to set other parameters of the format. However, the default setting is usually the best choice.
Click Customize, and you can rename your current selected format as your customized format.
Select the check box of ‘Apply Current Settings to All files’ and the formats will be applied to all files.
If the output file has multiple subtitles and audio tracks, in the Language tab, you can select Subtitle and Audio track of the file.

What if the disc doesn’t have enough space for my DVD? (Mac)

123 Copy DVD Gold (Mac) Frequently Asked Questions

You can try choosing High Quality or Standard from the Quality list on the main interface. This can make the size of you DVD smaller but reduces the quality of your output.
Best Performance has the best quality and largest size and Standard the lowest and the smallest.
If you choose Standard but still there is not enough space, you should change from a D5 disc to a D9 disc.

What is a .dvdmedia file? (Mac)

123 Copy DVD Gold (Mac) Frequently Asked QuestionsGeneral

.dvdmedia extension only exists on Mac OS. Actually it is a VIDEO_TS folder with the .dvdmedia extension. On Windows, files with this extension display just as a folder. The Mac DVD player can play a .dvdmedia file directly.

You can change a .dvdmedia file to a VIDEO_TS folder and vice versa.

How to change:

How to change the folder back to .dvdmedia:

If you choose to burn a disc, type text in the DVD Name box to rename the DVD. If you have multiple Hard Drives, select the one you want to use in the drop-down list ofBurn Disc in.

If you choose DVD Folder.dvdmedia, or ISO File, type text in the Save as box to rename the DVD file. Then click Choose to choose the folder location to save your DVD file.

Click Save to save the settings. Then the program will start burning the DVD.

Tip: Click 123 Copy DVD Gold > Preferences on the top menu bar. In the Burn tab, you can choose the Video ModeNTSC or PAL, and the Burn Speed from the drop down list.

What is the difference between D5 and D9 DVDs? (Mac)

123 Copy DVD Gold (Mac) Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference is that they have different capacities, and D9’s capacity is larger than D5’s.
A D5 disc is single side single layer. D5 holds around 4,700,000,000 bytes and that is 4.37 computer GB where 1 kbytes is 1024 bytes.
A D9 disc is single side dual layer. D9 holds around 8,540,000,000 bytes and that is 7.95 computer GB.
How to distinguish a D9 and D5 disc?
Mainly by the capacity. Generally speaking, the capacity of the disc is shown on its cover or case If the capacity of the disc is 4.7GB, then it is a D5 disc. If the capacity is 8.5GB, it should be a D9 disc.
For commercial DVD, you could insert the DVD disc into your Mac, then press Control key and left-click your mouse at the same time, select  the Get Info option to check its capacity. If the capacity is less than 4.7 GB, it is a D5 disc. If the capacity is more than 4.7GB while less than 8.5GB, it is a D9 disc.

Create Slideshows

123 Copy DVD Gold (Mac)123 Copy DVD Platinum How Tos

Making photo slideshows and multimedia presentations is a snap with 123 Copy DVD. Create stunning slideshows to show off your photo collection and include video clips and transitions to make your presentation a hit.

To make a photo slideshow follow these steps:

Invalid field in CDB when copying or creating a DVD

123 Copy DVD123 Copy DVD Gold123 Copy DVD Gold (Mac)123 Copy DVD Platinum DVD CopyingHelp Articles

If you receive the error “Invalid field in CDB, the device failed to respond properly, unable to recover or retry” while burning a copy or creating a DVD from video files it is most likely due to poor quality blank media or that the blank disc has been used previously but failed to complete the burning process and is no longer any good. It can also occur if the drive lacks compatibility with the DVD format (-R,+R,-RW,+RW) inserted. Other possibilities include not having sufficient power for the optical drive or a defective optical drive.


Please try the following:

First use, cannot copy or convert from DVD

123 Copy DVD123 Copy DVD Gold123 Copy DVD Gold (Mac) DVD CopyingHelp Articles

If you have recently installed 123 and are unable to copy or convert to video file from DVD and are receiving errors such as “Could not open decoder stream Could not find the input stream info” or “UDF_ERROR_CANNOT_READ_NO_AUTH” this means that the Drive the DVD is inserted into is refusing to read and process the data and is typically easy to resolve.