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Apple TV Mpeg-4 Specs

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According to Apple TV’s tech specs, Apple TV MPEG-4 use videos with different limits based on the encoder used.
While MPEG-4 file can be up to 3 Mbps using the Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps (maximum resolution: 720 by 432 pixels at 30 fps). You can manually set this in the advanced settings in 123 Copy DVD.

‘Cannot open demuxer’ when converting from Apple MP4 (2011)

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This issue only applies to 123CopyDVD 2011 (The version numbers start with 8).

When starting a file convert from Apple/MP4 the program errors, “An error prevented one or more of the files from being converted: Cannot open demuxer.” This is caused by an incompatibility introduced in the most recent version of Quicktime. Please uninstall your current Quicktime and install Quicktime 7.5.5 from Apple: <a href=”“> </a>.

Error converting files purchased from iTunes or Amazon or recorded in Windows Media Center

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Unfortunately, iTunes and Amazon digital video and audio downloads and Windows Media Center recordings include DRM copy-protection which prevents the files from being converted and are not supported in 123CopyDVD.

“Failed to add the decoder. [NativeDecoder] Could not find the input stream info. (1) Error number 1 occurred.”

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This error generally indicates that data cannot be read from the disc because it is having trouble getting authorization. Our software has to be authorized by the OS to be able to read data from the DVD/Bluray drive. This can be a symptom of a few things:

In rare cases this can be a DVD or Blu-ray specific issue with the disc – if you encounter it only on one disc and no others please contact technical support and let us know what DVD or Blu-ray you are encountering this issue with.

Issues with Xvid AVIs (2011 or earlier)

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This issue only applies to 123CopyDVD 2011 and earlier (The version numbers start with 8 or lower).

 Xvid is the open source AVI codec for the MPEG-4 format. If you are using this format please install the codec from the following link:
<a href=””>Xvid Download </a>
Common errors that occur when the Xvid encoder is not installed:
  • “123CopyDVD may crash or not save the file during the copying process.”
  • “An error prevented the DVD from being converted: Cannot open demuxer.”