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‘This isn’t an FLV file’ (YouTube)

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‘Convert resulted in an error – This isn’t a FLV file.’

Most videos on Youtube have historically been low quality FLV and this is all that the 2011 Edition of 123CopyDVD supported. If the video is in a different format or higher quality format on Youtube you will receive this error. More and more Youtube videos are now only available in these new formats. Please use the free Internet Video Downloader product instead of the downloader feature of the 2011 edition of 123CopyDVD, the Internet Video Downloader product can be found here.

Firewall Exception

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To use the streaming service you must create an inbound and outbound exception in your firewall. If you have changed your port number from the default in 123 Copy DVD you must change the port number for the exception rules to match.

To create the exceptions using Windows Firewall: