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Record from Netflix

Download Streaming VideoHow Tos

Netflix has plenty of content to stream through your computer, but what if you want to save part of a program and watch it in an environment where there is no internet access? Use 123 Realtime Recorder to record Netflix online shows and take them camping or wherever!

Learn How to Record Netflix Online

It’s pretty easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Include DVD subtitles in conversion

Copy a DVDHow Tos

Learn how to convert a DVD with subtitles to video:

Converting a DVD to H.264

Copy a DVDHow Tos

Welcome to 123 Copy DVD! Here we will show you how to convert a DVD’s content to H.264 format in a few simple steps. The H.264 codec offers industry grade compression and is the most optimal way to back up your DVD’s with virtually no loss in quality! It is literally one the best video codecs available!

Once the process is completed you will have successfully converted your favorite DVD movies to H.264 to enjoy on various platforms! 123 will teach you how to back up your data in no time flat!

Copy a Blu-ray Movie to Blank Blu-ray Disc

Copy a Blu-rayHow Tos

Welcome to 123 Copy DVD tutorials. In today’s installment we will show you how to copy a Blu-ray movie to a blank Blu-ray disc. This is great for watching your favourite Blu-ray movies without having to worry about scratching expensive original versions! Now you can let the kids watch their favourite movies without any worries. Just sit back and enjoy!

Learning how to copy a Blu-ray movie has never been so easy.

Add a 3D Effect to a Video

How Tos

This article only applies to 123CopyDVD 2012 (The version numbers start with 9):

123CopyDVD Gold and Platinum is now able to apply a few different methods of 3D as an after effect in the Video Editor. You will first need to load up the video editor by selecting ‘Create a Video File’ if you want a file on your hard drive or ‘Create a DVD Video’ if you want to burn it to a DVD.

Create Slideshows

How Tos

Making photo slideshows and multimedia presentations is a snap with 123 Copy DVD. Create stunning slideshows to show off your photo collection and include video clips and transitions to make your presentation a hit.

To make a photo slideshow follow these steps:

Syncing ringtones to iPhone

AudioHelp ArticlesHow Tos

While RingFactory and 123CopyDVD Platinum can be used to create M4R ringtones suitable for the iPhone, ringtones cannot be sent to the phone by WAP since iPhones can only add ringtones through iTunes. In order to add a ringtone to your iPhone, follow these steps:

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