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What is a .dvdmedia file? (Mac)

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.dvdmedia extension only exists on Mac OS. Actually it is a VIDEO_TS folder with the .dvdmedia extension. On Windows, files with this extension display just as a folder. The Mac DVD player can play a .dvdmedia file directly.

You can change a .dvdmedia file to a VIDEO_TS folder and vice versa.

How to change:

How to change the folder back to .dvdmedia:

If you choose to burn a disc, type text in the DVD Name box to rename the DVD. If you have multiple Hard Drives, select the one you want to use in the drop-down list ofBurn Disc in.

If you choose DVD Folder.dvdmedia, or ISO File, type text in the Save as box to rename the DVD file. Then click Choose to choose the folder location to save your DVD file.

Click Save to save the settings. Then the program will start burning the DVD.

Tip: Click 123 Copy DVD Gold > Preferences on the top menu bar. In the Burn tab, you can choose the Video ModeNTSC or PAL, and the Burn Speed from the drop down list.

The application has stopped working (crash)

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While waiting for your device to be detected Podmaxx will close with the error, “the application has stopped working.” This is caused by changes in the most recent version of Quicktime 7.7 causing a conflict with Podmaxx. Please uninstall Quicktime 7.7 from your PC and install an older version such as 7.6 available from Apple:

Keeping 123 Copy DVD updated

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123CopyDVD is constantly being updated in an effort to fix the issues that you, the customer, run into. As a result, when you are having issues with copying, burning or downloading videos through 123CopyDVD it is worth checking for an updated version of the program. Often, the first step support will take in assessing and fixing your error will be to ensure that you have the most recent build. A link to all four of the different programs can be found here:


When downloading the newest version make sure that you are downloading the correct variant (Gold, Platinum, etc.) as your license is linked to a specific variant of the program and will not work with the others. By purchasing the product you are guaranteed free software updates for one year, so be sure to check for updates regularly.

You can also use these files to install from the disc because of technical issues, disc damage or having simply lost the disc.

.Net Framework

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When using any of our software programs please make sure your system has the latest windows updates and .Net Framework 4.0 installed. The .Net Framework can be downloaded from the following link:

Crash when converting to or creating Windows Media (WMV) files

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To solve crashing when converting to or creating a Windows Media (WMV) file on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 32bit system you must disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP). To disable DEP download the following file and right-click it and select ‘run as administrator’ and click allow when prompted and then restart your computer:

Abnormal Program Termination (2009)

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This issue only applies to 123CopyDVD 2009 (The version numbers start with 6)

The reason that you are having the problem is because “DEP” is turned on for all programs. You have to manually add 123CopyDVD.exe to this list. Below you will find instruction on how to do this:

Abnormal Termination on Vista or Windows 7 (2011 & earlier)

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This issue only applies to 123CopyDVD 2011 and earlier (The version numbers start with 8 or lower).

To correct this problem you need to run the program with administrator privileges. Right-click on the program icon and then click on “Run as Administrator”.

Anti-virus won’t allow installation

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The problem that you are having is related to our programs built in Copy Protection code. Your anti-virus sees this code and views it as a threat. The only way to get around this issue is to:

With thousands of users and the buySafe guarantee, we can assure you that our software does not carry any viruses and/or trojans.

DVD drive does not appear in the program

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If 123CopyDVD is having trouble reading from your drives or the drives are not showing up at all in the program you may have left over drives from other burning software that is preventing 123CopyDVD from accessing your drive. Please try using ImgBurn’s Filter Drive Load Order option to check for, and if necessary, clear out these old drivers.

Please note that any software that installed these filters/drivers will not function after removing them.

‘Error code 42’

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Error code 42 indicates that you do not have sufficient privileges to run the file. In order to fix this you must right click on the application icon and click ‘run as administrator’. This will give you the privileges necessary to run the software.

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