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DVD Title Selection

DVD Copying

Please Note: This information has been specifically created for those customers who have been in contact with support regarding this particular support issue.  If you have not been directed here via support, but require help on DVD title selection, please contact one of our support technicians here:

This information has been created to help those customers who have been directed to this article via support.  If you haven’t but are experiencing troubles with selecting DVD titles, please contact support.  You may be directed to this article if you have contacted support regarding an issue with the default title being selected for copying a particular DVD. Increasingly more DVDs are intentionally being created with various types of bad data to make their DVDs difficult to copy. 123 Copy DVD offers a true Clone Mode that will make a perfect copy of any DVD disc that is in a good physical, and readable condition.

Whether you want to copy the main movie title to another DVD disc or convert that title to another format for playback on the PC or another device, you need to know which title is appropriate to select. We have analyzed thousands of discs to ensure that these DVDs select the proper title automatically. There are more movies being made every day; if you have a title you would like to copy before we’ve had a chance to analyze the disc we’d be happy to help you determine which title to select. For this we will need a couple pieces of information from the disc to be able to assist you:
  • The log file from your 123 Copy DVD program
  • The title number that plays when you’re watching the movie off of the DVD; many PC playback programs will be able to tell you.
In the following example we will be working with the free media playback program called “Media Player Classic Home Cinema” which you can download and install here:

Recommended brands of blank media

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We recommend avoiding bulk blank media and store branded media as they are often poor quality and will fail during a burn. Brands that have worked well for burning discs include: RiData, Sony, TDK, Ritek G04, Verbatim Data Life, Verbatim DataLife plus, Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi. Media advertised as “Advanced Metal AZO” are generally good quality due to the high grade dyes used.

‘Error Loading DVD: Plugin failed to load’

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If you encounter the error, “Plugin failed to load: Could not load file or assembly ‘Boooya.dll’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified,” you may require a third party plug-in to copy protected DVDs and Blurays. A compatible third-party plugin is available at – Once there click on the “Free Download” button, and run the software to install.

Disc Decryption

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123 applications do not remove copy protection from any media, if it is legal in your area for you to copy protected material for backup purposes the following third-party utilities will help you to work with copy-protected discs:

‘Cannot Open Demuxer’ Error (2011)

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This issue only applies to 123CopyDVD 2011 (The version numbers start with 8.

When using any of our software programs please make sure your system has the latest windows updates.
Please download and install the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0:
You will also need to install a third-party plug-in which is available at – – the plugin is required to copy encrypted copy-protected DVDs. Once there click on the “Download Plug-in” button, and run the software to install.
If the error occurs when copying from DVD please make sure you have aviSynth installed:
You will also need to have Quicktime installed on the computer.  This program is required for converting from mp4 files that are supported:
Versions of QuickTime newer than 7.5.5 are known to have compatibility issues with the software and may not work properly.
If the “cannot open demuxer” error appears it means the encoders on your system are either missing or corrupt.
Please uninstall the encoder from the following links below:
To uninstall Windows Media Encoder, apply the following steps:

Please use the following links below to download and install DivX and Xvid encoders. A good way of telling if your encoders are installed properly is if the video file being used can play in Windows Media Player correctly.
You would simply need to download the appropriate codec you are attempting to convert to and also the Windows Media Encoder.
You will also need to turn off your Windows Firewall or any other firewalls that you might have installed.

‘An error prevented the DVD from being copied: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection’

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This error commonly happens with DVD titles made at home or copies of originals and poorly formatted DVDs that do not follow the DVD standard. If this occurs with all DVDs please uninstall the product and reinstall the latest version available from the web site:

‘Copy Error: 0x900000A’ and ‘The source disc is encrypted’

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If you are receiving the error “Copy Error: 0x900000A”or “Copy Disc Error:  The source disc is encrypted” attempting to copy a DVD or Blu-ray Video as a data disc it is because the source DVD/Blu-ray contains CSS-protected DVD-Video and/or CPPM-protected DVD-Audio content. To make a copy of a protected DVD or Blu-Ray containing video you must use the Copy a DVD Video or Copy a Blu-ray Video feature instead.

Device Error: Cannot write medium incompatible format

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If you receive the error “Cannot write medium incompatible format” when attempting to burn a DVD it is because your optical drive does not support the brand of blank media you are using. A firmware update may be available for your optical drive to resolve the issue – please check with your computer’s manufacture for a firmware update. If no update is available or it does not resolve the issue you will need to try a different brand of blank media or another optical drive.

DVD invalid path error

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This error will occur with older versions of the software so please make sure that the latest version of the program has been installed to alleviate the issue. The latest version can be downloaded from the following link:

DVDs showing up as data discs

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When copying DVDs with 123CopyDVD the program will sometimes read the disc as a data disc. This is because many DVDs today come with executable files designed to be run on Windows or Mac OS X so when loading the disc 123CopyDVD will sometimes read these programs before the actual video files and as such assume it is a data disc. There are a few simple things you can try to get the disc to read as a DVD:

In addition, it’s also worth checking to see if you have the latest version of the program.

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