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‘Device Error: Invalid Command operation code’

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The ‘Invalid Command operation code’ error occurs when attempting to burn a Blu-ray with a optical drive that is not a Blu-ray writer and can only read. Many drives are sold as combo drives that only support reading Blu-ray but not writing even though they support reading and writing DVDs.

123 Copy DVD Platinum does not see my Blu-ray

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Make sure your computer’s optical drive is capable of Blu-Ray playback. Blu-Rays require a Blu-ray drive and will not work in a DVD drive. If the Blu-Ray cannot be watched on your PC like a DVD movie then 123CopyDVDPlatinum will not be able to read the disc.

Plugin error: Failed to Retrieve Processing Data

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Blu-ray technology is advancing everyday with each new Blu-ray release. This brings many benefits but can also cause trouble when copying. To help us keep up please open a ticket and provide the Blu-ray title name, UPC and ISBN (the number below the barcode on back of case). Once your information has been received we will have the disc tested and provide a resolution as soon as possible.

Unable to recognize or load Blu-ray discs on Windows XP


Windows XP does not support Blu-ray and UDF 2.5+ formatted CDs and DVDs without installing additional drivers. Without the drivers 123 Copy DVD will not recognize the disc is in the drive and Windows Explorer will not show the Bluray and if you open the drive it will report an error about the disc being corrupt. More information regarding the errors under XP is available from Microsoft:

Information and instructions on how to setup the drivers to fix the issue is available at:

Disc Decryption

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123 applications do not remove copy protection from any media, if it is legal in your area for you to copy protected material for backup purposes the following third-party utilities will help you to work with copy-protected discs:

‘Copy Error: 0x900000A’ and ‘The source disc is encrypted’

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If you are receiving the error “Copy Error: 0x900000A”or “Copy Disc Error:  The source disc is encrypted” attempting to copy a DVD or Blu-ray Video as a data disc it is because the source DVD/Blu-ray contains CSS-protected DVD-Video and/or CPPM-protected DVD-Audio content. To make a copy of a protected DVD or Blu-Ray containing video you must use the Copy a DVD Video or Copy a Blu-ray Video feature instead.

‘Error Loading Blu-ray: Plugin failed to load’

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If you encounter the error, “Plugin failed to load: Could not load file or assembly ‘Boooya.dll’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified,” you may require a third party plug-in to copy protected DVDs and Blurays. A compatible third-party plugin is available at – Once there click on the “Free Download” button, and run the software to install.

The software does not show the blank disc in my drive

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Keep in mind if you are in the Select DVD screen, it will not tell you that a blank DVD is inserted. The Select DVD screen is programmed to scan for DVDs that contain information. What you need to do is click on the Original DVD that you want to copy.

Unable to copy video game discs

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123CopyDVD does not support copying protected PC, Xbox, or Playstation game discs – only DVD Video, Blu-ray Video, Audio CDs and unencrypted data discs.

Unable to playback copies on my DVD or Bluray player

Blu-RayDVD CopyingHelp Articles

If you are encountering DVD copies that will not play in your DVD or Blu-ray player but play fine on the computer it is most likely low quality blank discs. Please try lowering the burn speed settings to compensate for the poor quality of the blank discs – if you are still unable to playback the copies on your DVD or Blu-ray player please try a different brand of media to burn to.

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